Divine Purpose Blueprint or SuccessCODE

Unleash your superpower!

You were born for a reason and have an important role to play in this lifetime. Your blueprint reveals your unique code to help you better understand who you are, why you are here, and who you came to serve.

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Practical Numerology

Learn for yourself or become a professional. Practical Numerology will teach you to read a numerology birth-chart. You will be able to reveal your client's personality, purpose and greatest potentials using the wisdom of numerology!

Level 1: 6-Week Training

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Mastering the BrainGAME

Emotional Mastery is a MUST if you want to co-create with the Universe effectively from a place of peace, ease, love and abundance. The BrainGAME provides the Awareness and the Tools to help you breakthrough any challenges, big or small, that may be keeping your from enjoying life.

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Who We Are...

The Conscious Entrepreneur Collective (CEC)

Shaping the World Through Conscious Education, Collaboration & Inspiration

The CEC is a strategic alliance of thought leaders, intentional creators, and world-shapers who believe, with conscious intent and collaboration, we can live in a world committed to the principles of peace, love and abundance.

The CEC is dedicated to the promotion, education, integrity, and financial stability of the conscious coaching industry. We provide products and services that positively impact the Conscious Coaches and their clients. We actively seek out joint ventures and promotional partners; create leading edge training and certification programs; and, are currently collaborating to establish a peace-based, collaborative model for sales and marketing that enables coaches to reach profitability and market penetration in a few months (instead of a few years).

We believe that coaches have one of the largest growing voices in Entrepreneurship. When coaches use their Business as a  conscious vehicle to help others cultivate peace, love and abundance, they also shape the world in that image. We invite coaches, healers and teachers to work together to create intentional change.

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